Smartphone scavenger hunt 60 min. fun

Smartphone scavenger hunt - sixty minutes fun rally
60 minutes smartphone city guide, scavenger hunt.
You start in the city center at Odeonsplatz.
1 Code for 15 Euro.

Lost in Time Munich - the crazy time travel via smartphone. Digital tour - discover the hidden sights of Munich city center by yourself at mostly any time.

A scavenger hunt through time with a mix of easy and tricky puzzles.

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Lost In Time: Munich - The crazy time travel

Munich, 1813

A group of scientists invents a portable time machine. While testing the machine, the secret organization "The Black Vultures" breaks into the barn to steal the time machine. The burglary causes an explosion.

Only one scientist managed to escape. He had grabbed the time machine and suddenly disappeared.

Follow his tracks through Munich's history. Help the scientist generate a secret code before the time machine gets into the wrong hands.

Starting point: Odeonsplatz.

Playable: Mon. - Sun. 08:30 a.m. - 08:00 p.m. (Please start one hour before darkness)

Recommended number of participants: 2-10 people

Playing time: about 60 minutes

Important: To play in the group, at least one Internet-enabled smartphone or tablet with sufficient power (e.g. a power bank) and mobile data volume is required.

If you have not enough time or if it starts to rain you can interrupt the game at any time and continue playing with your code at another time.